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Welcome to CySec-Hub

Welcome to CySec-Hub!

Here you will find a myriad of useful information related to computer security. Whether you are an elite in the field or a beginner, you will get here everything you need to guide your decisions for the next step of your career. In search of the right certification or looking for some evening reading? This is where I will gather all my articles and try my best to answer all these questions.

CySec-Hub was founded in November 2021 following a deep reflection I had on the train. I was looking for a course and a certification to pass in order to deepen my knowledge of cybersecurity when I asked myself the question “Why not write something about it?”. One thing led to another and I decided to create my own platform to share my stories. After several hours of brainstorming to find a name, I finally decided on CySec-Hub. Was it a good idea? I don’t know, but I’m sure I’m having fun developing this project.

Enough about me. It’s time for you to discover my articles! Enjoy your reading.

What article shall I start reading?

It depends on what you came for. My articles are mainly oriented towards certifications or first steps in cybersecurity. I’ve written a guide to the most popular and in-demand certifications and I’ve also written an I also wrote an article to help you get started in the field. These articles are based on my professional experience and this makes my writing perhaps more sincere. This makes my writing perhaps more sincere and interesting than other articles you may find on the Internet.

First Steps In Cybersecurity

Guide To Cybersecurity Certifications 2021

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